How do the plays Hecuba, The Pillowman, and Othello relate to the book A High Wind in Jamaica with regard to tragedy? What are three similar topics in these works that I could write a paper about?

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Each of these three plays is related to A High Wind in Jamaica through tragedy as well as other strong themes, including murder and the corruption of innocence. In A High Wind in Jamaica, Emily is a free-spirited young girl who starts out as innocent. Through the death of her beloved cat, she experiences tragedy for the first time and comes to realize that there are circumstances beyond her control.

Othello relates to A High Wind in Jamaica due to its extensive focus on murder and corruption. Like Emily, Othello is headstrong and easily influenced by circumstance. During the course of the book, Emily commits murder and is shocked by her own actions. Othello is tricked into murdering his own wife, mirroring the process of Emily's corruption.

In The Pillowman, Katurian is a man who writes twisted stories involving children to cope with the childhood abuse his parents inflicted on his disabled brother, Michal. Following similar themes to Emily's corruption and committed murder, it is revealed that Michal killed his and Katurian's parents as a boy.

Hecuba is play by Euripides that deals heavily with grief and the death of the young. Hecuba's grief over the loss of her young daughter and son mirrors the pain Emily faces with the loss of her brother, John. Like Hecuba, Emily is shown to seek out revenge on those who have wronged her, making revenge and tragedy shared themes between the book and play.

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