Explain how As You Like It is a comedy.

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"As You Like It" has many shared elements with some of Shakespeare's more famous comedies:  the idea of the forest as a magic or transformative space away from restrictive and tyrannical society ("A Midsummer night's dream"); the theme of unrequited love and gender switching from ("Twelfth night"); and the exiled Duke and his playful daughter from ("The Tempest").

The mood is light, and it is easy to read, even though it may not be as compelling a read as the aforementioned comedies.

My college professor always asked this question when we were trying to categorized the plays:  Did anyone die?  If the answer is "no," then it is most likely a comedy.  The tragedies and most of the histories record deaths within the text.  The comedies never do...not even "The Taming of the Shrew".


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The play is a comedy for several reasons. First, it is a comedy in the sense of its dramatic form: the good characters end up together, and the lovers marry happily. Second, the mood is rarely darkened; it is easy to believe in a good universe here. Third, though, it is also a comedy in the sense of being funny. Some of the humor ranges is pretty obvious: Touchstone is a clown, and is an open exaggeration and parody. Other elements of humor are somewhat lighter, like the word play between the characters, the puns, and so on.

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it is a comedy i say it because th speeches said by touchstone are in a sarcastic way...eventhough it includes a big truth

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as you like it is a boring comedy

because it is written in the elizabethan time, people will find it difficult to connect to its script in the mordern times.

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