How is plastic useful in our societyhow is plastic useful in society

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Materials are all around us and literally shape the world in which we live. "Ages" in human history have been identified according to the principal materials used for tools--e.g., stone, bronze, and iron. Since the industrial revolution and especially during this century there has been a veritable "materials revolution," ushering in hydraulic cements, high performance alloys, polymers (plastics), and composites. Plastics were produced in 1909, The definition of plastic is as "capable of being molded or modeled." Plastics can be changed, molded and shaped for many uses. We use plastic in all walks of our everyday life.“Acrylic, nylon, polystyrene, and vinyl (polyvinyl chloride or PVC) were developed in the 1930s, and polyesters were produced in the 1940s.”We use plastics in all types of materials: cars, boxes, clothes, electronics, the Wal-mart bags and food containers.  We use plastic in making records, compact disks, DVDs and toys. The keyboard you typed this question are were even made of plastic.

jescka | Student

In other types of packaging as well, consumers and the hospitals, schools and other institutions that serve them increasingly are turning to plastics.

Safe, sanitary, easy to use and economical, plastic packaging is the shape of the future.