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How is the plant kingdom useful to us?

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The plant kingdom has many uses for us. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants convert the solar energy into food (carbohydrates). They are primary producers, and we are dependent on them for our food. We, along with animals, either directly consume plants (fruits and vegetables, etc.) or indirectly by consuming animals. Thus, plants are the source of food for us.

Plants also consume carbon dioxide and generate oxygen. They are the primary supplier of oxygen in the atmosphere and also help in keeping the carbon dioxide concentration in check. We all need oxygen for our survival and thus, plants are essential for our existence.

Plants also minimize the soil erosion and protect the soil. Plants also provide us with wood which has a number of uses for mankind. Many plants also have medicinal properties and their parts are used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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pankaj836 | Student

The plant kingdom is one of the five kingdoms of the living beings. Plant kingdom consists of all the eukaryotic phototropic organisms. The main function of the plant is to carry out the process of the photosynthesis. Photosynthesis in the simple word can be defined as the synthesis of food in presence of sunlight. Apart from a synthesis of food, photosynthesis also generates oxygen which all organism uses to respire. Plants are the only organisms that can fix the atmospheric Carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and thus reduce the amount of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helps in reducing the temperature of the earth surface. Plant kingdom also gives us food that we eat. Fruits, vegetables are some other plant products that we eat. Papers, furniture, are some of the plant products that we use in our day to day life. Plant products such as Azadirachtin, curcumin digoxin and digitoxin also have medicinal property.