How is Piggy an important character in Lord of the Flies?

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Piggy is an interesting character who drives the action and plot of Lord of the Flies forward. He is also integral to the symbolism of the novel. 

Piggy, although overweight, asthmatic, and unpopular, is the most intelligent and clear-thinking of the boys. He is the one who suggests blowing the conch to gather the boys, an act that redounds to Ralph's glory rather than Piggy's. Piggy seems to have the most concern for the littluns, making the only attempt to catalog the island's residents. Piggy's glasses become a central motif of the book. When Jack breaks Piggy's glasses, he reveals his cruel nature. The glasses are the most sought-after commodity on the island since they are the only means of creating fire, which is necessary for survival and rescue. The theft of Piggy's glasses provokes the climactic conflict of the book, when Piggy himself is murdered. Piggy represents a foil for Simon ; his reliance on facts contrasts with Simon's intuition. Piggy isn't without moral flaws, although he is...

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