How does Pi draw upon his culture and use his intelligence to help him survive life at sea?

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Culture can be defined as the education, beliefs, and behaviors associated with a certain group of people. Pi grew up in India and is influenced by what he learned in his father's zoo and at school, but he has also learned and accepted beliefs from Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. All of these institutions helped to shape Pi's culture and education, and he draws upon them all while surviving life at sea. One of the ways that Pi draws upon what he learned from his father's zoo is when he applies what he knows about animals, enclosures, and territorial boundaries to "tame" the tiger, Richard Parker.

As Pi finds himself on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with a Bengal tiger, he must figure out how to get rid of it or live with it. In chapter 54, Pi uses his intelligence to come up with six ways he might be able to kill or lose Richard Parker. All six ideas seem probable, but he eventually discards them for logical reasons. By chapter 57, though, he intelligently comes up with...

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