What is the physical geography of the Pacific Realm?

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The physical geography of the Pacific Realm is not very complicated.  The Pacific Realm is made up of a huge expanse of ocean with a relatively small amount of land area in the form of islands.  The vast majority of the islands are extremely small.

The terrestrial physical geography of the Pacific Realm is made up solely of islands.  There are three general types of islands that occur in the Pacific Realm.  The largest of these islands are called continental islands.  These are islands such as those of New Zealand and New Caledonia.  They are made of sections of ancient continents.  The next largest type of island is the high volcanic island.  These are much smaller islands that are formed by volcanoes arising from the seabed and emerging from the ocean.  Such islands include the Hawaiian Islands and such Micronesian islands as Guam, Saipan, and Pohnpei.  These islands have plentiful water and are typically forested.  They often have relatively good soil.  The final type of island found in this area is the atoll.  These are very low islands made up of coral.  These islands do not have many resources.  They have poor soils and little water.

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