How is physical control implemented in 1984?

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The government controls almost every second of an Outer Party member's life. Not only do party members work for the government, but they also spend their spare waking hours on activities such as participating in the massive preparations for Hate Week. Beyond that, most people are terrified of being vaporized, which means suddenly disappearing and wiping away any memory of one's existence. There are no specific laws forbidding this or that activity, but people nevertheless know that anything but rigid conformity to the Party carries a great risk.

Winston and Julia think they can avoid the control of the state by escaping to the country or to the room above Mr. Carrington's shop to carry on their illicit affair. They find out too late that the state's surveillance equipment is everywhere.

Physical pain is also a means of physical control. The vulnerability of the human body and Winston's pain is described vividly after he is arrested and brought to Miniluv:

All he had eyes for was the...

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