How photograph can serve as a visual text at Elm/midd school.benifit of photograph as a visual text.

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Have you ever heard the saying, "One picture is worth one thousand words"?  Then you have the answer to your question.  You can use photographs to stimulate conversation in a classroom.  You can discuss many things related to art...perspective, angle, lighting, texture, color, grouping, subject.  However, you can also use it in a language class to begin story writing.  Consider the picture as a snapshot in the life or lives of the subjects you have chosen.  What is happening in the picture?  What happened before this picture?  What will happen next? What is the mood or tone of the picture?  How do you know?  Get the students thinking about it and talking about it and writing about it.  You won't get two stories exactly alike, and it will be so fun to share the finished products with the class.

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