How is the philosophy of Confucianism and the philosophy of Communism similar to one another?

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In this question, we have to stress the idea of "philosophy."  In no way should the experiment in the Soviet Union be considered a part of this discussion.  In this light, I think that there could be some parallels between Confucianism and Communism.  On the basis of the Confucian idea of "humanity" there could be some connections between the two.  The ethic of reciprocity is something that is evident in Communism, in that individuals would not want to be subjugated by the class system, and therefore there should be no class system.  Along these lines would be the idea of loyalty and the notion that one should be in complete accord with individuals who are seen as brothers, sisters, and comrades in the struggle against class oppression.  The need to act in a manner accordingly with these ideas is extremely important to both Communism and Confucianism.  The need for names and assignments in the natural world so that individuals would understand the natural function of these elements and would be able to understand their own relation to them.  Communism stresses this, as well, in that individuals must understand the new reality of the public, where the community owns the means of production and not private realms.

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