Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel

by Avi
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How does Philip Malloy describe Miss Narwin in his diary?

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Philip describes Miss Narwin as uptight and strict.

In an entry dated Tuesday, March 13 at 10:35 p.m., Philip says that Miss Narwin is so uptight that she seems like she was pieced together with super glue. He says that, with her, it's impossible for anyone to have their own opinion. If a joke is made, her face registers disapproval and looks flinty.

He also talks about how boring he found Call of the Wild to be. He thinks that there must be better books to read and insists that he'll find a way to get around her. However, that seems unlikely since he also said that as soon as anyone goes sweet, Miss Narwin goes sour. She seems like a person who automatically goes against what other people say or want, from Philip's perspective.

The next thing that is in the book is a letter written by Miss Narwin that shows her in a different light. It's also clear that she likes Philip but thinks he can do more than he already is.

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Philip describes Miss Narwin in decidedly unflattering terms. He says that she's so uptight that she must have been put together by superglue. And according to Philip she has no sense of humor. Every time he cracks a joke—which is often—she goes all flinty faced on him. But even if you try acting sweet, she goes sour all of a sudden. You just can't win for losing with this woman. Philip, not being the most diligent of students, also hates being told what to read. He resents Miss Narwin for making him read The Call of the Wild, a book that his mom had to read way back when. Philip reckons he needs to find a way to run past Miss Narwin. (Trust him to use a running metaphor.) The stage is set for an epic battle of wills between two forceful personalities.

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