How can I personify a tennis ball? (I know how and what personification is but I need help using a tennis ball)

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Some familiarity with the game of tennis should assist you in imagining the interaction of a tennis ball with the player who handles it and the racquet. Just use your imagination. For example, you could create a monologue with the tennis ball describing its feelings.

Perhaps you could start out with the ball being inside a players bag. 

"Well, I wonder where we are going today? Hopefully, the ride won't be long; I'm claustrophobic and there is no light in this stupid bag!...Okay, he is slowing down the car...I hear the trunk opening; we're here--wherever "here" is, anyway."

[Some time passes and the player finally goes onto a court]

"Okay, finally some sunshine! Oh, no. Jack has his racquet restrung for this match. I'm going to be so sore from this match! Well, here we go."

"Ouch! That smarts! Jack, take it easy, we are just warming up....Ooh, I see a pretty orange something over there. Hi, sweetheart! oomph! I'll be---baaaaccck. Dddon't go aaaawwwaaay!"


Another approach to personification of a tennis ball is in describing what it does. For instance, the ball may punch the opponent's racquet, or be slapped by the racquet.

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