How can a person overcome a fear of ghosts?

Expert Answers
davidmk4126 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fear of ghosts (Phasmophobia) can be rather complicated to diagnose and understand. The majority of individuals tend to experience a certain thrill of anxiety when reading ghost stories or watching horror movies that feature spirits and/or other supernatural entities. The majority of individuals seem to have the ability control this fear, though, and even gain enjoyment from the feelings that it creates. For others, the fear of ghost can be quite overwhelming and debilitating, thus meeting the traditional definition of a phobia.

When it comes to helping an individual overcome the phobia or fear of ghosts, it can be tricky, as it cannot be empirically proven as to whether ghosts exist or not. Therefore, cognitive talk therapy may be a useful psychological therapy in helping an individual overcome this fear. The aim of this therapeutic technique is to assist the individual to comprehend and understand the root of his or her fear and discover techniques and ways to transform the beliefs and irrational thoughts that underlie the fear of ghosts. Other techniques could involve teaching the afflicted individual skills for coping, breathing exercises, and biofeedback that may be useful in tackling this fear.