The Lion and The Jewel main character Sidi sitting in the middle of the picture wearing a striped dress with the outlines of two male faces on other side of her

The Lion and the Jewel

by Wole Soyinka

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How do the people of Ilujinle feel about Lakunle in "The Lion and the Jewel"?

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Lakunle is the village school teacher who displays contempt for traditional ways of life. Lakunle values Western civilization and is a vocal advocate for modernization and progress. At the beginning of the novel, Lakunle asks Sidi to marry him but refuses to pay the bride-price. Sidi laughs and criticizes Lakunle by telling him that the villagers call him the madman of Ilujinle. Sidi also says that everyone, including children, call Lakunle a fool. She chastises Lakunle for his use of "big words" and new concepts that are not yet fully accepted in the village of Ilujinle. Lakunle curses the villagers for their insults and backward way of life. Sidi also mentions that people jeer at Lakunle in the town, and the villagers question why he is allowed to run the school. Lakunle is nontraditional and most of the villagers, including Sidi, think he is crazy for his progressive thoughts and views.

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