How does Paul stand up to his brother and Arthur after the chaos of the awards night?

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In Edward Bloor's novel TangerinePaul is the protagonist. His older brother Erik is a really mean individual, but Paul's parents are blind to that fact. All they see is his tremendous athletic ability. Throughout the book, Paul is struggling to remember something that Erik did to him in the past. He is afraid of Eric, as are many people in the book. 

Paul is also visually impaired, so he will never be the talented athlete that Erik is. He has some soccer skills and is very smart, but he struggles to find his place in the family and in his new town of Tangerine, Florida. 

Arthur is Erik's minion in the novel. He does whatever Erik wants him to do. At the senior awards night, Victor and Tino arrive to avenge the death of their relative, Luis Cruz. Erik had Arthur hit Luis in the head with a sock filled with a heavy substance, called a blackjack, which caused an aneurysm and killed Luis. Tino shoves his knee into Erik's face, saying "That's for Luis Cruz, I take care of all of his light work." This is similar to what Erik said when he told Arthur to hit Luis. Chaos ensues because the spectators begin yelling and screaming, the football players try to remove Luis and Victor, and pretty soon, everyone begins fighting. Paul stands up to Erik after the ceremony; Erik and Arthur come after Paul with a metal baseball bat. 

"And I could see that Erik was holding a metal baseball bat in one hand. I understood that I was supposed to be terrified by this spectacle—these two demonic creatures on this dark, lonely road. But for once in my life I wasn't. I stepped forward and faced them, just as I had seen Luis do. I held out my hands out, as he had done, and said 'I'm not afraid of you, Erik. Come on.'"

As Erik and Arthur continue to threaten him, Paul does not back down but keeps stepping toward them. He tells them he knows they killed Luis and that he is not the only one who saw it. This causes Erik to go into a rage and destroy the Land Cruiser. It is the first time Paul has ever stood up to his brother.  

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