How is Patricia Grace's personal experience reflected in her short story "A Way Of Talking"?

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Grace grew up Maori and so the majority of her stories reflect her background in some form or other. "A Way of Talking" reflects what she sees as the importance of Maori to gain their own voice, to stand up for themselves in a post colonial nation.

The female characters in this story are strong and this is a reflection of the women in Grace's family; indeed of Grace herself. As a Maori woman, Grace would have been fully aware of the cultural differences between Maori and Pakeha. Jane Frazer is, to an extent, a stereotypical Pakeha. One who does not really even attempt to understand the Maori culture.

Also, with the number of Maori movements that were established in the 1970s, Rose becomes reflective of the number of Maori who were becoming educated and politically conscious. Grace herself is an educated and intelligent woman. And this is reflected in her work.

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