How are the names of the ministries in George Orwell's 1984 paradoxical?

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The names of the ministries, which Orwell describes in Chapter One of 1984, are Ministry of Love (Miniluv in Newspeak,) Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty,) Ministry of Peace (Minipax,) and the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue,) where Winston works. The names are paradoxical because they clearly, at least to the reader, do not reflect reality. Miniluv is in charge...

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kadiagbla | Student

What happens at the ministry? What is Winston responsible for doing?


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That's a really interesting question. Let me think if I remember the book....Well, the Department of Truth is ironic in the sense that their job is to hide the truth at all costs. The Department of Love (I think that's what it was called) is ironic because there was nothing loving about it. It was brutal, nasty and long. Just look at what it did to Winston. I don't remember the last one. But essentially, the departments do exactly the opposite of what they're named to do/be.

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