How are the names of the ministries in George Orwell's 1984 paradoxical?

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The names of the ministries, which Orwell describes in Chapter One of 1984, are Ministry of Love (Miniluv in Newspeak,) Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty,) Ministry of Peace (Minipax,) and the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue,) where Winston works. The names are paradoxical because they clearly, at least to the reader, do not reflect reality. Miniluv is in charge of law enforcement, and employs brutal secret police and torture to carry out its mission; Miniplenty is responsible for the economy, and the people of London clearly do not live in plenty; Minipax is in reality a ministry of war. As for Minitrue, its role is essentially a propaganda ministry, and it employs thousands of workers like Winston to distribute propaganda as well as, like Winston, rewrite history in a way favorable to the Party. The paradox embodied by these names is in many ways central to the Party's rule. It is described as "doublethink" later in the book, and is driven home by the slogan on the side of the Ministry of Truth, which reads: 


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