How is American culture different from other cultures?

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This is a difficult question because every culture in the world is different in a number of profound ways.  The very word culture also is exhausting.  It encompasses so many varied elements from language to religion, to everyday customs and manners.  For this reason, American culture is no more or less unique, than say, the culture of New Zealand.  I think the unique part of America's culture is its diversity.  The United States has been dubbed a "melting pot" because of the variety of ethnicities that have contributed to its culture. This, of course, is a result of the extensive history of immigration in the United States.  That history of immigration dates back to its founding and even those immigrants were diverse.  The original colonists that were English, French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.  They came to this new land for different reasons and ended up coming together to form a new nation.  This new nation's culture would be influenced by immigration for its entire future and would create the most heterogeneous civilization in the entire world. 

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