How do other people react to the birds in the story "The Birds"?

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When Nat Hocken’s house is first attacked by the birds, he thinks that the birds have been driven from upcountry by the difficult weather and that they have attacked because they are hungry and need food. The following morning, when he sees a multitude of gulls “riding the sea,” he smells trouble. At home, a statement from the Home Office is read out at 11 a.m. on the radio saying that the bird phenomenon is a nationwide thing and that homeowners should “see to their windows, doors, and chimneys and take reasonable precautions for the safety of their children.” Nat then proceeds to do exactly as has been advised. He boards up his windows and “fills up the bases of his chimney.” He even thinks about stocking up on food, just in case the bird phenomenon lasts longer than is anticipated, and goes out to pick up his daughter Jill from the bus stop armed with a hoe.

Meanwhile, most other people do not appear as shaken by the bird phenomenon as he is. The announcer of the one...

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