How the Other Half Lives Questions and Answers
by Jacob Riis

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Please summarize Chapter XII of How the Other Half Lives.

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As with most of How the Other Half Lives, this chapter is about the bad conditions in which people live and work.  In this case, the focus of the chapter is people from Bohemia, which is now in the Czech Republic.  Riis says that these people live in

a slavery as real as any that ever disgraced the South.

Riis talks about how the Bohemians are good people who have a low crime rate.  He then goes on to describe their neighborhood, which is where it is because so many of the people work in cigar factories near where they live.  He talks about the kind of homes they live in, the kind of work they do and the pay they get.  He talks about their health.

Riis ends the chapter by refuting the idea that Bohemians are radicals.  He says that they would have a good reason to be radical and anarchist but that they are not.  He repeats that they are good people and ends by saying that their major problem is that they nee education to help them

because these people are poor, miserably poor almost to a man.

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