How is Othello a tragic hero in Shakespeare's Othello?

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Othello is a tragic hero for several reasons. First, let's examine the definition of a tragic hero. A tragic hero is the protagonist of a story who has a fall from grace. A tragic hero is a character who has everything going for him or her, however, they have flaw that sparks their downfall. Due to hubris or pride the heroic character, realizes his or her unfortunate mistake to late. Othello is a military general who is respected by the government and most of the people in his Italian community. However, Iago is the antagonist or nemesis who works against Othello. Due to Iago's envious and vengeful personality, he constructs the downfall of Othello. Iago hates Othello because Othello has promoted Cassio instead of himself. Then, Roderigo hates Othello because he's in love with Desdemona who is Othello's wife. Finally, Brabantio,...

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