How does organizational behaviour relate to management?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Organization refers to all the people working in any enterprise and the relationships that exists between them. One of the major task of management is to make this organization work effectively and efficiently towards achievement of the objectives of the enterprise. Organizational behaviour, which is the study of how people behave and work in organization, provides us with the insights and understanding necessary to do this.

odessafile | Student

Organizational behavior encompasses about how individuals respond to other individuals in terms of group responsbilities, conflicts that are commonplace, and other issues. Management of these individuals depend a lot of a deep comprehension about what makes individuals tick, such as what motivates them to cooperate and give their best with regards to the overall vision and mission, and goal of the organization. Without a very good working knowledge of theoretical perspectives, principles and strategies that are applicable to unique situations or the context which is given, any leader or manager will surely encounter major difficulties and find himself in a deep dilemma.