How does operations management contribute to the achievement of the success of an organization?

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No big company can achieve success or even function without operations management. In order for profits to maximized, operations management needs to done extremely efficiently.

It is the job of the operations manager to make sure that inventory is managed and the raw materials required to do the job are available. He or she will also be responsible for quality control.

For example, let us consider an example of a factory that makes sausages to be sold in a butchery. The operations manager will be responsible for ensuring that the raw ingredients for the sausages are in stock. Without this being done, no sausages can be made, and therefore the organization cannot succeed.

Over and above this, the operations manager will be responsible for making sure that all the machines used in transforming these raw ingredients into sausages have been properly serviced and are in good working order. If there is no operations manager to carry out this task, the machines will fall into disrepair, and once...

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