How one would go about deconstructing a Shakespeare sonnet?Also could someone suggest one to deconstruct (easy to understand!)

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Shakespeare's sonnets are very easy to deconstruct.

They are written in iambic pentameter which is a rhythm---de Dum, de Dum, de Dum, de Dum, de Dum.  There are three stanzas with an alternating rhyme pattern---abab, cdcd, efef.  It concludes with a rhyming couplet---gg.

The problem or question the speaker is exploring is stated in the first stanza and is then explored in the second and third stanzas and resolved in the rhyming couplet.

A knowledge of Old English is not necessary since Shakespeare wrote in modern English.

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You would need to become familiar with old english and instead of breaking it down in stanzas as some poems are deconstructed, I think to make the most sense of a shakespear sonnet you would break it down page by page... but i dont think theres any specific way of deconstructing a shakespear sonnet... i can only provide suggestions.

Sorry if I wasn't of much help. 

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