How old is Miranda when the play starts?

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She was roughly 15. By that I mean, Prospero says that she was not yet three years old when they were exiled to the island, and that it has been a dozen years that they are there. That could be 14 (less than 3 + 12), or it could be 15, since I doubt Prospero is keeping a precise calendar.

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Ohh thank you for that we love you shakespear and you are a lovely lady fairy dust ie annonamos shakespears friends,

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right, from my point of veiw- she was 88 i know becuase i am shakespears friend.

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please do not take an affence to this coment.


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she was about two when the play started because we still learn that she was below 15 when prospero wrecks the ship

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when He tempest begin she was three years when she left Milan but when the true play started she was fifteen years old [when she marry frindand]

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Miranda was 13 as far as I know of. Back in those days people were allowed to marry at this age. It is weird though, because if she and Prospero have been on the Island for 12 years, and she remembers maids in a big house, she must have a really good memory to remember stuff from when she was 2 or 3!

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