How old was Lucrezia in Mrs. Dalloway?

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The character of Lucrezia Warren Smith in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway is twenty four years old. She is described with the following traits and characteristics.

She had a right to his arm, though it was without feeling. He would give her, who was so simple, so impulsive, only twenty-four, without friends in England, who had left Italy for his sake, a piece of bone.

We know that her age is a clever trait to add to her character because it allows the reader to appreciate the contrast between Lucrezia and her husband. She is still young enough to live for a long time and try for a better life, but she is stuck in her situation due to his mental illness. It had emaciated and consumed her, an otherwise vibrant woman. It is as if she were a waste of time and space due to her husband's problems.