How old was Helen Keller when she wrote The Story of My Life?

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The Story of My Life is Helen Keller's autobiographical account of the first twenty two years of her life. It is NOT a novel as a novel is a fictitious story which includes elements of real life making it seemingly believable. Helen Keller's inspirational account of her struggle with blindness and deafness and her determination not to let her disabilities define her is very real.

Helen wrote this book in her early twenties, whilst a student at Radcliffe College where she would eventually graduate at age 22, with honors. This book is just one of the ways she contributed to the betterment of people with disabilities, women who in the early 1900s were often uneducated and any person really who was faced with challenges. The reader is left with a new respect for the "gift" of sight but also, hopefully an appreciation for all the senses. Helen proved that "barriers .... could in time be swept away."     


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