How old was Aristotle when he died?

Aristotle was sixty-three years old when he died. He lived from 385 BC to 322 BC.

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Aristotle lived from 385 BC to 322 BC, making him sixty-three years old when he died. It is reported that he died as a result of a disease relating to his digestive organs. Aristotle remains a household name today for his contributions to a wide variety of fields, such as biology, physics, psychology, mathematics, politics, and ethics, among many others. He is also well-known for his rejection of Plato's theory of forms, having studied under Plato for almost one third of his life.

Well-known as the founder of the Lyceum in Athens, Aristotle dedicated much of his life to writing, learning, and teaching. He had an unfortunate start to life, as both his parents died while he was still a child. At seventeen, he was sent to Athens to pursue a higher education. It was at this point that his tutelage under Plato began. Aristotle wrote prolifically as an academic, with thirty one of his works still in circulation today.

Aristotle is credited with being not only one of the greatest philosophers of all time but also history's first genuine scientist. Through his invention of the field of formal logic, he paved the way for much of our contemporary understanding of science.

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