How old is Sara in Katherine Paterson's book "Jacob Have I Loved"?

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Sara Louise Bradshawe, called Louise throughout the book, tells her story from the vantage point of a young woman most likely in her early twenties.  The bulk of the recounting, however, is made up of events which take place in her life between 1941 and 1946, when Louise is between the ages of thirteen and eighteen.  During these turbulent adolescent years Louise is consumed by resentment toward her twin sister Caroline, and only resolves her bitterness when she decides to take responsibility for her own destiny, allowing herself "at last to leave" the isolated Chesapeake Bay island where she has grown up, and to "begin to build (her)self as a soul, separate from the long, long shadow of (her) twin" (Chapter 19).  In the last two chapters, as in the prologue, Louise speaks from the present - most likely around 1950 - which finds her married, with a baby son of her own, practicing as a nurse-midwife in a remote Appalachian valley village. 

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