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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Only fourteen years old, Harrison Bergeron is already seven feet tall and handsome with especially keen eyesight. He is so brilliant and athletic that he must wear an abundance of handicaps in order to equalize him to those who are mediocre:

Scrap metal was hung all over him. Ordinarily, there was a certain the handicaps issued to strong people, but Harrison looked like a walking junkyard....Harrison carried three hundred pounds.

In order to offset his good looks, Harrison is required to constantly wear a red rubber ball on his nose, shave his eyebrows off, and cover his perfect teeth with black caps at "snaggle-tooth random." Harrison has been incarcerated for being an insurrectionist. Later, as his parents George and Hazel, dully watch the television, Harrison appears, having broken out of jail, seeking to overthrow the government. For, in Harrison's world, technology has been used to encumber, not advance, society.