How often do you think a Behavioral Intervention Plan should be reviewed?

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A Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) is created after a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) has been conducted. An FBA examines and defines the reasoning (function and/or purpose) behind a behavior. Once the FBA has been completed, a Behavioral Intervention Plan is created. The BIP contains three aspects (minimally). It defines the behavior, makes assumptions about the occurrence of the behavior (for example, what triggers the behavior), and what types of interventions will be applied (including PBIS--Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support).

The IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) should define a schedule for which the BIP is reviewed. Depending upon the behavior, some reviews may be conducted monthly, quarterly, by semester, or by year. Essentially, the Behavioral Intervention Plan is as individualized as the student. No universal times exist for a review of the plan. It really depends upon the continued existence of the behavior or its extinction (if it is an unwanted behavior) or the naturalization of the behavior (if it is a desired behavior).