How does Odysseus show hospitality in The Odyssey?

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favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Odysseus is disguised as an old beggar, brought to his home in Ithaca by Eumaeus, his loyal swineherd, the suitors force him into a fight with another local beggar, Irus. One way in which Odysseus shows hospitality to Irus, his opponent in the match, is that he doesn't kill him. This might sound like an odd way to define hospitality to a present-day reader; however, Odysseus and Irus have been pitted against each other by the suitors, and the suitors have said that whichever of them wins the fight gets to eat.  Odysseus is still the master of this house, even if no one is aware that he is home, and he shows Irus hospitality by merely knocking him out instead of killing him. Athena has filled out Odysseus's muscles, making him even more powerful, and yet he restrains himself and allows the old man to live.