How is Odysseus powerful in The Odyssey?

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Odysseus is powerful in three ways: first, because he is physically strong; second, because he is intelligent; and third, because he learns self discipline.

Odysseus is stronger than almost any other man and is tireless to boot. He has limbs like "iron," and he never fatigues. He doesn't just give orders and let other men do the grunt work: he leads the way. At the end, he is the one who can string (pull back) the bow and shoot it through twelve arrowheads. He is muscular, high energy, and strong as an ox.

Odysseus also knows how to use his brains. He is the mastermind behind the Trojan horse. That strategy allows the Greeks to trick the Trojans and win the long war. He also outwits Polyphemus, the Cyclops who wants to eat all his men.

As many have noted,...

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