How do the objects in the kitchen symbolize Minnie’s life after marriage, and how or why does that lead to her actions to kill her husband?

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Trifles ” is a one-act play representing how men and women interpret the same things differently. The kitchen in John Wright’s farmhouse is gloomy and cold—so cold that the fruit has frozen and cracked its glass jars. There are signs of incomplete work—unwashed pans, a dishtowel not put away. It seems that Minnie was interrupted in the middle of working hard in the kitchen. Mrs. Hale sees that Minnie had been sewing a quilt, and that at some point the stitches became uneven and wrong—a sign that Minnie experienced a shock while she was quilting, or was experiencing extreme anguish, and was unable to sew correctly. In a cabinet, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale discover a bird cage with a broken door—one hinge is broken, a sign that someone had handled the birdcage violently. The broken birdcage symbolizes John Wright’s violence and lack of empathy. Then, in a cupboard, Mrs. Peters discovers a pretty sewing box that contains a dead canary wrapped in silk. The canary has a...

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