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How is Obama represented in Media?

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The main thing you need to realize is that there are thousands of different media outlets across the entire world and each of them has its own point of view, although some are more reliable than others.

In most countries outside the United States, including Canada and Mexico, Obama is generally viewed positively. According the the widely respected and non-partisan Pew Research Center, Obama has approval ratings in key policy areas of 60 to over 80 percent across most of the world. He is viewed as attempting to implement sensible and moderate policies, and considered a centrist. Most people across the world see him as struggling against a Republican party that would be considered a extreme in some developed nations. His attempts to improve US health care through the Affordable Care Act and to restrict the out-of-control gun violence in the United States are viewed as sane and moderate policies, and his opponents on these issues seen as to the right of even Europe's neo-Nazis.

Within the United States, Obama is a polarizing figure, with many right wing outlets such as Fox News strongly disapproving of him and left wing outlets generally approving. 

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