How are the novels Beloved and Dracula similar and different in their presentation of the supernatural?

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While both Dracula and Beloved deal with the supernatural, their approaches to the subject/genre are very different.  With Dracula, Bram Stoker tells a chilling story of an evil entity driven to consume mankind, while Morrison's Beloved presents a ghost that devours because it doesn't know any better. 

Dracula's titular character consumes everything in his path in order to survive.  After luring Jonathan Harker to his castle, he imprisons him and feeds off Harker repeatedly as he prepares to travel to England.  Dracula then leaves Harker behind in the care of thralls and continues to England, feeding upon the crew of the Demeter along the way, using his supernatural powers of strength, concealment, and shape-shifting to remain undiscovered.  By the time the ship reaches shore, there is no living creature left aboard.  He then moves through England, turning Lucy Westenra into a vampire and biting Mina Harker (Jonathan's wife) and attempting to convert her to vampirism as well.  His...

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