Reservation Blues Questions and Answers
by Sherman Alexie

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How does the novel Reservation Blues address Native American issues?

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Reservation Blues by author Sherman Alexie addresses a variety of Native American issues. This imaginative story delves into life on the "rez" through the perspectives of its unique characters. Life on the reservation is blended with the Faust myth, creating a platform for Native American issues that has the benefit of realism as well as metaphor.

The Death of Dreams

One of the primary issues addressed in Reservation Blues is the death of dreams that is tragically common for occupants of the "rez." The musical group that forms on the "rez" experiences this death when they arrive in New York to find that they have been exploited by Phil Sheridan and George Wright. The two men have proven themselves to be volatile towards the Native American community and only interested in exploiting the musicians.


Reservation Blues touches on many of the stereotypes that are harmful to Native Americans, including those that seem positive to outsiders....

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