How is the novel Of Mice and Men a product of its historical context?I need evidence that Steinbeck wrote in the novel to show that it's set in the Great Depression.

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The novel Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck was published in 1937, when Steinbeck was involved with the conditions of the migrant worker.  Workers were hired for only a few weeks until the harvest on that farm was in, and then they were expected to find work somewhere else.  Historically, these were bad times for the migrant workers as they had no union, were hard to organize because they moved so much, and were independent as well. Steinbeck portrays the migrant worker's plight through George and Lennie who have no permanent home and thus, have their dream of buying their own land.  Most of the farm workers were migrant labor who moved from place to place looking for work just as George and Lennie moved and asked about available work.  George and Lennie had worked at a previous farm, but Lennie got into trouble so that they moved on which again was typical.  The Great Depression was a time of great poverty which again you see with George and Lennie.


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