How are non-religious people responding to changing patterns in the relationship between the sexes?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is very difficult to generalize about the attitudes of an entire group of people on an issue like this.  It is also quite possible that many people who are religious have attitudes towards the changing relationships between the sexes that are not determined by their religious beliefs.  In other words, it may not be appropriate to imply that religion is the major determinant of attitudes towards changing relations between the sexes. 

If we need to generalize, however, we can say that most people who are not religious are generally in support of the changes that have come about in the United States in relationships between the sexes.  In the United States, people who say that they are not religious are generally also fairly liberal on social issues.  These are people who are generally not worried about the idea that men and women’s relationships with one another are changing.  They are generally more likely to live in households where men do more of the housework than used to be the case. 

Thus, while it is somewhat dangerous to generalize, non-religious people are more likely to be accepting of the changes in relations between the sexes.