How do the characters change from the beginning to the end of View from Saturday? Noah, Nadia, Ethan, Julian, Mrs. Olinski

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At the beginning of the novel, Noah is complaining and dissatisfied.  His parents are making him write a thank you note to his grandparents, and he doesn't want to.  Upon reflecting on his experiences at Century Village that past summer, however, Noah realizes that he has a responsibiity to give "just a few drops back to the bottle" (Chapter 1).  By the end of the story, Noah has become a little less egotistical and more appreciative of the people around him in his life. 

Nadia is an unhappy, angry child at the beginning of the story.  She is being shuttled between her parents, who have just gone through a divorce, and she is bitter about the whole situation. Through the experience of helping the turtles on the beach at Century Village, Nadia understands that, like the turtles, some people have to make "switches" during certain times in their...

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