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The Nine Years' War marked the turning point from the old society to the new. We learn that the Nine Years' War was a point of crisis and economic collapse so acute that people had to make a choice between "World Control and destruction." Before the Nine Years' War, Mustapha Mond explains to the Savage, scientific thought was uncontrolled and truth and beauty were considered important ideals. But all that, Mond says, changed when "anthrax bombs" started "popping" all around people. Mond asks, what good is truth or beauty or pure science when people are dying in a war? The destruction from this war was so severe that the people longed for a quiet life and were finally ready to accept that science and "their appetites" needed to be curtailed. That allowed for society to be planned and controlled from the top down, by directors like Mond who make decisions for the good of the whole. Mond admits to the Savage that "truth" has been sacrificed for "happiness" in this brave new world, but tries to rationalize it as a reasonable trade off.