How is Nick affected by West Egg in The Great Gatsby?Any changes in him? Are those changes related to the nature of the place?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the end of the first chapter, Nick tells us that he was "confused and a little disgusted" by what he'd seen and experienced at the Buchanan's house.  He was disturbed because he realized there that Tom was cheating on his wife and that she knew it, yet did nothing about it.  Nick was still moral enough to be bothered by the immorality he'd witnessed.  By chapter 9, Nick has seen enough immorality to cause him to move back to the midwest.  He'd become somewhat jaded during the course of that summer and when he realized that he'd become jaded, he was upset enough to want to get away from the immorality of New York. Jordan realized that he was too moral and honest to be happy in New York.  She tells him that she thought that was his "secret pride". He knows that he's lost some of the honesty and he responds that he's 30, which is five years too old to lie to himself.  He means that he's disgusted with the immorality and dishonesty he's witnessed with Myrtle's death and Gatsby's death.

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