In regard to the following statement, how necessary is bureaucracy?If we can agree that individuals need rules and regulations to live together, then there must also be a bureaucracy.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bureaucracy is the method of creating and insuring the application of those rules and regulations that are needed in order for individuals to live together. Bureaucrats are the writers, administrators, evaluators, and enforcers of the policies and procedures established by society.

In an ideal world, I suppose bureaucracy would not be needed because people wouldn't need rules and regulations. If all people were willing to cooperate and share and respect each other all the time, we could dispense with the need for creating and enforcing expectations regarding how people should treat one another in all the situations that arise in communities. Since we don't live in a utopian setting, we need the bureaucracy that provides a framework of guidelines for coexistence.