Explain the poem "The Cockroach" by Kevin Halligan. How are nature and life portrayed in the poem?

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“The Cockroach” by Kevin Halligan provides an unusual poetic subject: the dreaded cockroach of familial fame.  I can remember my mother saying: If you see one cockroach, there are 3,000 hiding somewhere waiting for its return. Nothing is more disgusting than seeing cockroaches overtake food or anything else as is often shown on television.

The poem could have been titled “Sonnet to a Cockroach” because that is the form the poem takes.  It has fourteen lines with an irregular rhyme scheme of ABABCDCDEFGEGF.  In addition,  the two lines at the end do not rhyme.  The narration is first person with the narrator observing the movements of the roach.

The reader learns that this is a giant roach.  There are over 4,000 cockroach species with only 34 that interact with human beings.  Apparently, the poetic cockroach is one of these.

The cockroach’s life may represent the simplicity of nature . ...

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