How does the narration and plot arrangement serve the theme of "Tears for Sale" by Samira Azzam?

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"Tears for Sale" is told from the perspective of a child. This child's naïve curiosity about death allows for objective details to be communicated—observations uninformed by personal experiences of grief or cultural awareness of the purpose of a hired mourner.

Khazna is a professional mourner, also known as a wailing woman or Moirologist. Positions similar to this can be found in many cultures around the world, including some parts of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures. Historically, it is known to have been part of Ancient Egyptian culture and is also frequently mentioned in records of ancient Semitic cultures that appear in Biblical history.

The function of a wailing woman may seem somewhat foreign to a contemporary American audience, where the cultural practice of grief is highly personal. Oftentimes, when grieving, extended family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances expect for grief to be compartmentalized away from functions and responsibilities, even just a week...

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