How is the mystery solved at the end of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle?  

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A supernatural hound lies in wait within the moor of Baskerville Hall. Legend has it that the heirs of Baskerville Hall are cursed due to an evil act by an ancestor. When Sir Charles Baskerville dies on the property of an apparent heart attack, those who believe the curse become skeptical that Sir Charles died of natural causes. Dr. Mortimer reaches out to Sherlock Holmes and explains that Sir Charles had an expression of horror on his face and large beast-like footprints were found near his body. He fears for the life of Sir Henry, the next in line to inherit Baskerville Hall.

Sherlock Holmes is more interested in human motive than supernatural curses. He takes an interest in Mr. Stapleton who seems a simple naturalist, but intellectual and mysterious underneath. Two clues that stand out to Holmes are the missing boot of Sir Henry and the similar physical appearance of Stapleton to an ancestral portrait hanging in Baskerville Hall. Holmes now has a suspect and motive.

Using Sir Henry as...

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