How is mustard manufactured? What is its significance?

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It may surprise you to learn that mustard one of the top three imported spices in the world, coming in third only to salt and pepper; it is popular in most areas of the world. 

Mustard has an ancient history.  The name is thought to have originated from the must of sweet, old wine with crushed mustard seeds.  This blend forms a paste called “mustum ardeus,” (or “hot paste.”) The two words over time meshed together and become “mustard.”  Seeds from the plant Cruciferae (the flowers of which boom in four yellow petals which form a cross) are what is used to make the condiment, but there are several varieties of plants in the mustard family, including radishes, turnips, and horseradish, as well as weeds such as wild mustard. 

While modern mustard is yellow, it is black mustard that was likely the first to be harvested, probably during the Bronze Age.  Black mustard is a weed that was harvested as a spice and grew within cereal crops.  The seeds have been found in cooking...

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