How music affect people's mind, body, action, moods, and emotion?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great question. Music is undoubtedly powerful and it has a profound influence in people. Just think of going to a concert and being moved. Or think of a movie without the soundtrack and then with the soundtrack; there is a world of difference. In light of this, let me make a few comments on how music affects us.

First, there are certain sounds that the human ear almost universally finds unattractive. There have recently been tests on this and these tests show that screeching sounds, like the scratch of chalk on a board is something that causes stress in people. This shows that sounds influence people.

Second, there are other types of music that soothe people, such as some classical pieces from Bach. This is why many parents play Bach to their children.

Third, there are some types of music that causes anger and people to feel less inhibited. The lyrics suggest this and the anger of the song writer and singer come out, such a the group Rage Against the Machine.

All of this is to say that music is universal and it influences people in great way.