A Municipal Report Questions and Answers
by O. Henry

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How does "A Municipal Report" illustrate religious ethics? What role does Catholicism play?

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I did not think that Catholic morality was too much different than Christian morality, so I did a little looking. I was right, so this discussion of "A Municipal Report" by O. Henry will center around Bible-based morality.

The overriding theme in this story is that good triumphs over evil. We meet a lovely, sensitive, and articulate woman who is married to a cruel and abusive man; and Major Wentworth Caswell did not treat anyone well, even strangers. We know that he was not a good man, for when he died the only nice thing anyone could say about him was that he was one of the best spellers in the school when he was fourteen. He mistreated the young servant girl, Impy, as well as his wife. He is an evil man, and when he dies, good wins. In the largest sense, this is true in the Bible, as well. Satan does not win any battle he has with Jesus or his Creator, God. 

On a smaller level, though, we are faced with some conflicting moralities.

Being kind to one another is a moral imperative, and we...

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