How are Mullet Fingers's family life and his desire to save owls connected?

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This is an interesting question. I think the connection between Mullet Fingers's family life and his desire to save the owls stems from the fact that his family has the complete opposite attitude about him. Mullet Fingers loves the outdoors, and he is great with animals. There was one time when he brought home a raccoon, and his mother's response was to send him off to boarding school. Mullet Fingers is repeatedly sent away, or he repeatedly runs away from a mother that doesn't express much concern about him or desire to have him around. The last time that he ran away, his mom didn't even bother to tell her husband or law enforcement about it. Mullet Fingers doesn't have a strong sense of belonging regarding his family other than with Beatrice, and he acts like that's okay; however, I think his attention to the owls is his way of trying to be a part of a protective family. The owls can't protect themselves, so Mullet Fingers is going to fight for them in a way that his family never fought for him.

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